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How does it work?

If you're new to recording, here's what you could expect...

1. Arrive at Flat Jack’s Sound Shack with your songs ready to record.

2. Lay down vocal/instruments (the length of time this takes will depend on how well-practised you are at performing the song).

3. You may also want to ask Jack to workshop the track with you, in which case he may suggest recording vocal harmonies to layer over your track, additional instruments and other tweaks to give the song a more more well-rounded sound.

4. Your tracks will be mixed and mastered and then we'll send you an audio file. 

5. You can suggest any edits you’d like us to make (e.g. adding instruments, sounds effects etc).

6. The final product!

Recording, mixing and mastering a song can take as little as 2-3 hours total, or as many as 20 or more hours depending on the result you’re looking for. We are always happy to work within the budget you have available to get you the best possible result. The cost of recording is based on a rate of $60/hour for both studio time (recording) and mixing and mastering, so it’s easy to make sure projects stay on-budget.

This means the cost for recording, mixing and mastering one simple song (e.g. acoustic guitar and vocals) could be as little as $120.


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