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If you want your music to sound as professional as your favourite artist, then you'll need to have your songs mastered. This involves putting the final touches on a mix by enhancing certain sonic characteristics. Adjusting levels, further EQ and compression moves, adding energy to the track, and many other techniques can be used to reach a polished, clean sound that is optimised for consistent playback across different formats and systems. Your music will also be tailored to meet the appropriate loudness levels to suit streaming platforms. The final, but very important step is to embed metadata into the track. All mastered files at Flat Jack's Sound Shack will have a unique ISRC code, meaning that your copyright will be protected.

The below before and after example demonstrates how the sound becomes more dense and lush. The track feels wider, and has a more full sound

Below you'll hear how in the after example, the instruments sound more full and song now sounds better glued. The spacial effects on the vocal are more present to provide a 'dreamy' feel.

The following example helps the reverb on the snare to sound more present. The female vocals have a lo-fi feel in line with the brief of the artist.

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